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  • Footwear Insoles

    At Sanitipies we are specialists in the manufacture of all types of insoles for footwear, standing out in Goodyear insoles manufacturing.

    More than 50 years of experience in the manufacture of insoles, toe puffs and stiffeners

    Sanitipies is made up of an experienced and highly qualified human team. We have the latest advances in machinery and materials, which allows us to serve our clients in a personalized way.

    Specialists in the manufacture
    of insoles for goodyear shoes

    Insoles, toe puffs and stiffeners

    We work with different materials and productions to adjust to the needs of our customers.


    We manufacture all kinds of insoles for men, women and children. Automated manufacturing. Rigorous and complete supervision to achieve the highest quality at a very competitive price.

    Toe puffs

    We offer you a wide variety of materials for toe puffs for shoes with and without lining: thermoplastics, latex or our toe puffs with OrthoLite®. Try them.


    Salpa, regenerated leather, thermoplastic stiffeners that can be manufactured flat or molded with excellent adaptability for any type of manufacturing, whether they are oily leather or synthetic materials.

    We provide you
    with everything you need

    Custom Manufacturing

    We adapt to your needs in terms of shapes and materials. We have an adjustment system that allows us to quickly finish and manufacture samples.

    Quality and Service

    At Sanitipies we offer you a wide variety of products, materials and fabrications. Our professionals will help you throughout the process.

    Constant Innovation

    Our company has an R&D line that works to continuously innovate in all the products and materials we use.